lørdag den 19. september 2015

Cosy morning with Cherries and the little Lady #tdc1348

My little green Lady was still here this morning.
I wonder how long time she allows me to enjoy her cosy company.

Gif created in Gimp. Screenrecorded in Jaksta.
Combined with the music in iMovie.
Music: Four pieces by Nathan Shirley
Cherry: Momofukufor2   

fredag den 18. september 2015

tdc1348 Green little lady

Yesterday I had a look at DS106 again for the first time in too long time. So much has happen. I have left Belgium and now live in Copenhagen. I hope to find more time to play around with the digital creativity.

And I was lucky. As I stood there looking out my new kitchen window and dreamt about leaving the cleaning and unpacking, she was suddenly there. The cutest little muse who would like to taste my grapes. I wonder, if I'll see her again. Would like to meet her in other places around my little cottage