fredag den 27. september 2013

So much absence from DS106

The offline life keeps me more busy than expected, so I have to face, that I´m not participating here in the level, that I want to do. But I do lurk on you guys and I´m impressed of your work.

During the last year I´ve been so inspired by the stuff we have learned to do online. Now I seized the chance to get some inspiration in the more classic disciplines, so last night I went to my first art class. And I did my first acrylic painting :)

And I couldn´t help to play around combining it with the gif art. The running unicorn is from

I do have one problem: When I copy my picture on the gif layers, it changes its look dramatically. Anybody here who know what to do to keep the original look of the picture?

It seems like it´s the red color that disappears. I´ll try to balance it.

lørdag den 31. august 2013

Happy Birthday gif

Due to my holiday I missed Giulias Birthday card. So I seize the opportunity of the day. 
Thank you very much for that, +Rochelle   :) 

I hope your day will be great!!

I made the doodling in sketches and combined it in Gimp

fredag den 30. august 2013

Tdc 600

Ok, I admit this is a too easy solution, but it does show 600 in roman numbers (and numbers were forbidden, dooooh!) and celebration. I have to think again and maybe come up with something more creative.

Princess Cornelia

After yesterdays 1000 km driving from Denmark to Brussels, and todays cleaning of house and garden, I need to relax. And what better way to do that, than a small DS106 post.

I wanted to try out a newly purchased program (Sparkol Videoscribe) and I've had a small story in my head the last few days. It has it's roots in a conversation I had with Cornelia, the youngest daugther of Pernille, my friend for more than 30 years.

In the video I've used some doodles I made (in the iPad app Sketches) and some photos from our birthday party a few nights ago. A night out with ice cream cones can be incredible useful in creative processes :)

This post does not have anything to do with a daily create assignment, so I'm going completely headless this time

Please have a look at Princess Cornelia.

onsdag den 28. august 2013

Daily Create tdc597

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday in the great out doors area of Stige Ø in the northern part of Odense. We ended the party with big ice cream cones decorated with lollipops and small wind mills. And as I wrote to +Rochelle Lockridge last night, I would like to use these ice creams in a dailey create. Here it comes.

Tulle pic is private
Top Gun movie clip:
Top Gun aircraft:

tirsdag den 20. august 2013

I'm joining the headless forces

As I'm still enjoying my holiday in Denmark far from Belgium and everyday life, I do not spend much time online. But inspired by people in the G+ group I had to spend time making my own headless gif. It shows me being decapitated by DS106.

I wanted to add more details but my dear old Macbook almost collapsed, so here is the result. 

I made this gif in Gimp, where I combined and manipulated 5 different pictures.

  1. The jacket is my private photo.
  2. The heads are screendumps from my own youtube video Vidrythm Robot
  3. I found the bowler hat at
  4. The DS106 sign is a screendump from the DS106 website
Added 21.08.13:
+Rochelle Lockridge made me this nice badge for the gif. Thanks a lot, Rochelle :)