lørdag den 31. august 2013

Happy Birthday gif

Due to my holiday I missed Giulias Birthday card. So I seize the opportunity of the day. 
Thank you very much for that, +Rochelle   :) 

I hope your day will be great!!

I made the doodling in sketches and combined it in Gimp

fredag den 30. august 2013

Tdc 600

Ok, I admit this is a too easy solution, but it does show 600 in roman numbers (and numbers were forbidden, dooooh!) and celebration. I have to think again and maybe come up with something more creative.

Princess Cornelia

After yesterdays 1000 km driving from Denmark to Brussels, and todays cleaning of house and garden, I need to relax. And what better way to do that, than a small DS106 post.

I wanted to try out a newly purchased program (Sparkol Videoscribe) and I've had a small story in my head the last few days. It has it's roots in a conversation I had with Cornelia, the youngest daugther of Pernille, my friend for more than 30 years.

In the video I've used some doodles I made (in the iPad app Sketches) and some photos from our birthday party a few nights ago. A night out with ice cream cones can be incredible useful in creative processes :)

This post does not have anything to do with a daily create assignment, so I'm going completely headless this time

Please have a look at Princess Cornelia.

onsdag den 28. august 2013

Daily Create tdc597

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday in the great out doors area of Stige Ø in the northern part of Odense. We ended the party with big ice cream cones decorated with lollipops and small wind mills. And as I wrote to +Rochelle Lockridge last night, I would like to use these ice creams in a dailey create. Here it comes.

Tulle pic is private
Top Gun movie clip: http://youtu.be/d5K2W9IPlr0
Top Gun aircraft: http://www.stumpedmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/TopGun.jpg

tirsdag den 20. august 2013

I'm joining the headless forces

As I'm still enjoying my holiday in Denmark far from Belgium and everyday life, I do not spend much time online. But inspired by people in the G+ group I had to spend time making my own headless gif. It shows me being decapitated by DS106.

I wanted to add more details but my dear old Macbook almost collapsed, so here is the result. 

I made this gif in Gimp, where I combined and manipulated 5 different pictures.

  1. The jacket is my private photo.
  2. The heads are screendumps from my own youtube video Vidrythm Robot
  3. I found the bowler hat at  http://api.ning.com/files/9GQdhzY0F4wSJe56tp1W9oh7xSaPIejxS0zts6HHAZjCzxsP-Rrf0foV6fLrrSO3RzhbOnw3OvFRn8fSMH5tLmBkyJVbmyTR/HatBowler.jpg
  4. The DS106 sign is a screendump from the DS106 website
Added 21.08.13:
+Rochelle Lockridge made me this nice badge for the gif. Thanks a lot, Rochelle :)