tirsdag den 20. august 2013

I'm joining the headless forces

As I'm still enjoying my holiday in Denmark far from Belgium and everyday life, I do not spend much time online. But inspired by people in the G+ group I had to spend time making my own headless gif. It shows me being decapitated by DS106.

I wanted to add more details but my dear old Macbook almost collapsed, so here is the result. 

I made this gif in Gimp, where I combined and manipulated 5 different pictures.

  1. The jacket is my private photo.
  2. The heads are screendumps from my own youtube video Vidrythm Robot
  3. I found the bowler hat at  http://api.ning.com/files/9GQdhzY0F4wSJe56tp1W9oh7xSaPIejxS0zts6HHAZjCzxsP-Rrf0foV6fLrrSO3RzhbOnw3OvFRn8fSMH5tLmBkyJVbmyTR/HatBowler.jpg
  4. The DS106 sign is a screendump from the DS106 website
Added 21.08.13:
+Rochelle Lockridge made me this nice badge for the gif. Thanks a lot, Rochelle :)

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