fredag den 27. september 2013

So much absence from DS106

The offline life keeps me more busy than expected, so I have to face, that I´m not participating here in the level, that I want to do. But I do lurk on you guys and I´m impressed of your work.

During the last year I´ve been so inspired by the stuff we have learned to do online. Now I seized the chance to get some inspiration in the more classic disciplines, so last night I went to my first art class. And I did my first acrylic painting :)

And I couldn´t help to play around combining it with the gif art. The running unicorn is from

I do have one problem: When I copy my picture on the gif layers, it changes its look dramatically. Anybody here who know what to do to keep the original look of the picture?

It seems like it´s the red color that disappears. I´ll try to balance it.

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